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Knowledge CenterCurtains The Tempotest Difference

While not exactly the new kid on the block when it comes to outdoor fabrics, Tempotest™ has been producing premium high performance textiles for a variety of applications, including sun protection, marine and indoor/outdoor furnishing and accessories for over three generations.

Known around the world as The Para Industrial Group, Tempotest™ was founded in 1921 in Italy and has earned the reputation for manufacturing some of the industry’s highest quality textiles with its “Made in Italy” tag.

But is there a difference between Tempotest™ and Sunbrella® fabrics when it comes to outdoor curtains?

Tempotest™ and Sunbrella® fabrics are solution-dyed acrylics that are water repellent and resistant to mold, mildew, and U.V. fading, the best for indoor and outdoor settings.

What sets Tempotest™ apart from Sunbrella® is the width of its fabric. Sunbrella® fabrics are limited to 50 inches width whereas Tempotest™ fabrics are available in 116 inches width. This allows you to fill more space with less.

  Sunbrella Tempotest
Fabric Material Solution-Dyed Acrylic Solution-Dyed Acrylic
Water Repellant Yes Yes
Mold and Mildew Resistant Yes Yes
U.V. Protection Yes Yes
Standard Lengths (in.) 84, 96,108, and 116 84, 96,108, and 116
Customizable Lengths Yes Yes
Standard Widths (in.) 50 116
Customizable Widths No No

An example would be filling a 200 ft. space. Using strictly Sunbrella® Curtains may require up to 6 panels, whereas Tempotest™ Extra Wide Curtains would only require 2 panels.

All standard lengths are available in both Sunbrella® and Tempotest™ fabrics, and custom lengths are also available.

When deciding what fabric to choose for an outdoor curtain, Sunbrella® or Tempotest™, there isn't a wrong answer.

We back our exceptional products with exceptional customer service. Questions or comments? Please call us toll-free at (252) 295-0406.