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Knowledge CenterCurtains Installation Tips

How many panels do I need?

This is a common questions asked by most. The size of your curtains makes a difference in how many panels you might need. For a full look you want to use the following formula.

  • (a * 2) / 50 = x For our grommeted panels measuring 50 inches wide
  • (a * 2) / 116 = x For our grommeted extra wide panels measuring 116 inches wide
  • a = area in inches
  • x= total number of panels

For this example we will use an area of 200 inches.

To fill an area you will multiply the width of the area by 2.

You will then divide the total by 50 or 116

  • 400 / 50 = 8.
  • 400 / 116 = 4*

(*Round to the nearest even number)

  • Using our 50 inch curtains your total would be 8 panels.
  • Using our 116 inch panels your total would be 4 panels.

Do you measure your curtains from the top of the panel or do you measure them from the top of the grommets?

All of our curtains are measured from the top of the panel. Please refer to the images below for exact measurements.

We back our exceptional products with exceptional customer service. Questions or comments? Please call us toll-free at (252) 295-0406.