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Sunbrella® Collections Guide

At we offer one of the largest online selections of Sunbrella® outdoor curtains. We feature a large spectrum of colors, ranging from Spectrum Eggshell to Raven Black.

But the color isn’t the only thing you have to choose from.

At we offer 6 collections from Sunbrella®, each offering a pallet of colors and prominent weaves.

Canvas - Features a soft, comfortable feel with a great selection of rich, solid colors.

Striped - The vertical stripe patterns feature a wide selection of styles and colors for a unique look varying nicely from our solid color options

Cast - Features weaves composed of heathered yarns providing a sense of texture in muted colors.

Dupione - Features a specialty weave that produces a subtle duo-tone color effect. The heaviest of the Sunbrella fabrics, the Dupione collection features a rib-like texture that adds dimension.

Linen - Features a specialty weave, giving it a textured, linen-like look in a neutral colored palette.

Spectrum - Features a slightly textured ribbed pattern that looks and feels like hand crafted tweed.

Sunbrella® Collection FAQs

What collection is best in especially windy conditions?

The Dupione collection is the heaviest of all our Sunbrella® fabrics we feature and is recommended for porches, patios, and pergolas that are located in windy locations. If you are worried about you curtains waving in the wind, we offer an optional ½ inch stabilizing grommet at the two bottom corners of your curtain panel that will keep your curtains stable in the harshest conditions.

Is the Linen collection outdoor safe?

Not to be confused with linen used for garments or household articles like bed sheets, the Linen Collection, rest assured, is outdoor safe.

Are any of the collections you carry harder to maintain than others?

All Sunbrella® collections we carry at are very easy to maintain. Our care guide ( will detail step by step instructions for maintaining your outdoor curtains. We also recommend our 303 Water Repellant for pre-treating curtains and 303 Fabric Cleaner for spot cleaning.

Which collection provides the most privacy?

If you are looking for complete privacy for patio, porch, or pergola, we would recommend our Dupione collection and our Canvas collection.

Do you offer samples?

We do offer samples of all our Sunbrella® curtains (Limit 10!). With the sheer number of colors (no pun intended) and six collections, we want you to find the right color and weave that fits your outdoor space. Samples can be ordered by visiting the page of the curtain you are interested in and clicking on the Free Sample button.

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We back our exceptional products with exceptional customer service. Questions or comments? Please call us toll-free at (252) 295-0406.