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10 Minute Curtain Tie-Back

Maybe you’re in a rush to set up your outdoor living space and need a quick easy way to tie back your curtains, or maybe you’ve misplaced your tie-backs and ordering them might take longer than you might want, or maybe, you just want a new refreshing look. In this guide, we’ll show you a way to easily tie-back your curtains in a unique, simple way in less than 10 minutes.


Materials Needed for 1 Tie-Back:

  • Rope - 8 ft. 
  • Center Ball/Piece (We used a 1.5 in. diameter smooth foam ball)
  • Scissors 

For our rope, we used Duracord, a type of rope that is normally used for hammocks and Jute rope, an organic rope. We strongly suggest using a rope like Duracord or any similar rope for outdoor curtains because of its durability and its ability to withstand the elements. The Jute rope is also very durable for outdoor use and just as good for indoor use.

The center ball/piece can be larger than what we presented, though It will require more rope and possibility more loops to cover the entire ball/piece.



Step 1: The Monkey Fist Knot

For the knot, we used what is commonly referred to as a “Monkey Fist Knot.” A knot that was at one time used as a hand-to-hand weapon, now more frequently used as an anchor for climbing, to place between two “towing” boats and as a way to transport valuable gemstones.

We used the instructions from netknots.com to wrap our rope around the 1.5-inch diameter center/ball smooth foam piece.

Monkey First Knot



Step 2: The Adjustable Slip Knot

A simple "Slip Knot" is added to the end of the rope opposite of the Monkey Fist Knot, This will allow you to either hang your Monkey Fist knot taut against the curtain or hang below.



Step 3: Hanging the Tie-Back

The tie-back can be used with or without a hook. Using a hook allows you to stabilize the curtain to a fixed position.

In our example, we had a hook attached to a pergola. 




Have any questions or comments about our 10-minute curtain tie-back? Leave them in the comment section below and make sure follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog for regular updates.

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